Don’t Wait…Just get it done

I don’t know about you, but when something is off I can feel it; and IT IS frustrating! This particular example was physically and painfully unavoidably off; and I was at a loss for the cause or a solution.

Last week, I felt a twinge in my back, took some ibuprofen and went about my business. I survived the remainder of the week and through the weekend thinking nothing of it again until I woke up immobile on Monday morning (Feel free to insert your getting old jokes here.) I racked my brain trying to recall what I could have possibly done to tweak my back to this degree and came up empty. I went through the usual remedy of interchanging the heating pad and ice packs hoping to alleviate the pain and get to the point where I could move around. I also tried a bit of light stretching in the case it was just tight muscles from some over exertion but nothing really seemed to get me feeling much better than 50%.

After mulling this over for a while, I wondered if there might be something out of alignment in my bed. Once we pulled off the mattress and box springs, the culprit was identified! We noticed the support stands were a full inch off in the middle from where they should be. Now to be fair, this was not the fault of the bed frame itself; I believe, when first moving in almost 3 years ago and in the spirit of being tired, just wanting to hurry up, get things together enough to sleep, this was an adjustment I meant to finish later when I had more energy. So, I guess I failed on that one. Ouch.

The conclusion I came to in this scenario is that if I know that an adjustment is needed, in anything I am working on, I have to make it while it is fresh in the mind or I might forget and create a more problematic situation later that may be more than just inconvenient. I have seen this play out in other context as well such as at work intending to fix a formula in excel, at home when thinking I will label the salt and sugar containers later, and so on.

Note to self: Do it now! Don’t put it off!

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